The Moxie Girl brand was born out of the desire to inspire, and uplift women.

I want to put positive vibes and good energy into the world. It is our belief that when women are inspired, uplifted, and connected to one another, they will do the same for their families and their communities.

As the owner, I grew up surrounded by bold women, who did just that.  As a child of a married, but single mother, I saw my mother support her family (children and extended), continue on the PTA at the high school long after her four daughters had graduated, etc.  It is with that same kind of example and passion to support my family, friends and community that Moxie Girl was created.  Each of the affirmations, designs, and words printed on the Moxie Girl products are intentional and have real meaning.  We hope you enjoy all your purchases and they make you feel good. Tag us in your moxie girl tees on IG @moxiegirltees, #ihavemoxie, #iam_moxiegirl, #shesgotmoxie.


Moxie exemplifies the nature of a woman. All women have moxie; courage, determination, nerve, and know how. If you haven't seen it, used, or really thought about it in a while, put something on like a moxie tee, and connect with what's inherently already inside and with those around you that helps bring that side of you out. It's in there!

Shout out to all the women who support and are supported by the other women in their lives.

Our products are created to inspire, connect, and uplift women who want to express their boldness and to put positive vibes and good energy into the world.